Thursday, December 4, 2008

Crew's Journey

I stumbled across a blog that has really touched my heart. This is a blog about a tiny little baby named Crew. He was a twin born at 28 weeks. His twin brother passed away prior to birth due to twin to twin transfusion syndrome. Crew is fighting for his life now. He is progressing and doing really well for such a tiny little guy. I read this blog every day and I have added Crew to my prayers each day. You can read about him here. His mom is a digital scrapbooking designer also. The designers she sells with have created a kit to help the family pay for Crew's NICU cost, which will be huge, even with insurance. I didn't hesitate to purchase it. It is on sale at Plain Digital Wrapper. I'm posting about this on both blogs. This is a very worthwhile kit. It is huge and adorable.

When you say your prayers, please include Crew. He could use all the prayers he can get.

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Corrine said...

i tried to post about this the other day, but thanks for sharing Crew's story. I visited his site.

hey I am doing a give away that maybe some of your digi scrap friends might be interested in.