Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Birthday and baptism

January has been a busy month for Jeremy. On the 7th, my "baby" turned 8 years old. He woke me up at 8am so he could open his presents before dad went to work. He got a Lego set and a Bumble Bee cannon blaster. He was super excited about both of them. I think I am crazy for getting the cannon blaster. That thing makes a lot of noise, and loud noise too.We celebrated his birthday on Saturday, the 9th, by going to Wazoos with his cousins. Wazoos is a big inflatable fun park that is close by our house. It's all indoors, so I don't ever have to worry about the weather. It's fairly new, so it usually isn't super crowded. It's co-owned by someone in our ward, so the youth are going to go there for a mutual activity this week.

On the 16th, Jeremy got baptized. Stan baptized and confirmed him. My dad and uncle Herb were here from Idaho for a visit, so they got to be at the baptism. My uncle Herb was able to stand in the confirmation circle. We had a good visit with them while they were here. It was pretty laid back, but that is the way I like it.

Here is our family after the baptism. I didn't realize we were standing where the powerline created a shadow right across our heads. I'm going to have to see if I can get rid of that in photoshop.
These are the men who stood in the confirmation circle to confirm Jeremy. From left to right, Brother Yu (he is the ward mission leader), Bryon Hess, Stan Hodge, Richard Hodge, Andrew Tarver, Herb Hess, Matt Thompson, then Jeremy right there in front. Again, stupid powerlines.

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