Saturday, April 10, 2010

Creekhaven Inn

Stan and I got a rare treat recently. We went to Wimberly and spent 2 days and nights at a bed and breakfast called Creekhaven Inn. It was a wonderful trip. My friend Lynn took care of the boys for us while we were gone. Rachael was home alone on her own. The room was beautiful, the bed comfortable and the surrounding area was lovely. The top picture is of the creek that ran in front of the B&B.

Here are some pictures of Stan and I that we took using the tripod.

Here is our room. It had a huge garden tub as you can see that look out onto the creek.

This is a tree that was in front on the B&B. It is a 1,000 year old cypress tree.

We want to try to go every year. We thought we might try other B&B in the area, but we loved this place so much that they will probably get our business each year. We really needed this break. While the boys were with Lynn, she took them geocaching. We are hooked now. We have found 9 geocaches so far. Every time we go some place, so see if there is a geocache in the area. If you don't know what geocaching is, go to . Be careful though, you might good hooked too.

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