Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm so glad it is a new week

This week has got to be better than last week. I know people say you should never say that, but I just have to. My MS flare ended up needing to be treated with IV steroids. It was the biggest mess getting them set up. My doctors office has a new nurse and her communication skills need a little bit of work. This is a new neuro office for me. I just started seeing her in December. This is the first flare I have had since officially being diagnosed with MS. No one told me that there protocol was to have IV steroids given at an infusion center. I was really upset when I got to the infusion center and found out I wasn't taking my meds home with me to do there. I couldn't come back the next 2 days as I had tons of stuff going on plus I was having trouble with blurred vision. Why would someone make a patient with blurred vision drive all the way across town to get an infusion? I finally was able to get my infusion set up at home. I finished my last one last night. I hate the way the IV steroids make me feel, but at least my vision is better. It isn't completely resolved, but it is a lot better. Now I am on a 2 week oral taper. This is really going to mess up my Weight Watchers. I am going to watch my portions carefully and make sure I am journaling. I won't weigh in for the next 2 weeks though since I know I am going to be retaining a ton of water. I am already feeling my feet swell and my hands also. This too shall pass.

Andrew had his Blue and Gold banquet yesterday. We always have some sort of entertainment for the boys there. This year, they had a snake guy. He brought all kinds of snakes for the boys to look at. He did a little presentation about all of the snakes he brought. He had a few venemous snakes there but he didn't bring those out. After his presentation, the let them pet on of the bigger snakes and hold one of the smaller snakes. Jeremy just couldn't manage to touch them. He was so grossed out by it. Andrew didn't have any trouble touching them. No one really got to hold the little snake. He wrapped his tail around Mr. Llyod, the scout Master, and he wouldn't let go. The boys would hold the snakes upper body while Mr Lloyd held the end that was attached to his arm.

Andrew got awarded his Webelos badge yesterday. We had to work really hard the week before to get it done in time. We worked on his art badge most of last week. He managed to get it all done though. Now, we are going to start working on his Arrow of Light. He has a lot of work to do to get that done, but I know he can do it. He really loves scouts. I'm so glad too. I think it helps a lot that we are in such a good pack. He really gets along with all of the boys and he loves all of his scouting activities. It is an added bonus that his dad is his Webelos den leader.

We also have a cake auction every year at the banquet. This is what we eat for dessert and we make a fair amount of money for the pack. Each family will make a cake and then it gets auctioned. Everyone always ends up sharing the cakes they buy with everyone there. I'm glad too because I never want to have that much cake at home. We made a yellow cake and decorated it with Swedish Fish to look like the ocean. The cake we bought was a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. It was so good but so rich. We only ended up bringing a little bit home. Next year, Stan has big plans to make a "fire" breathing dragon cake. It will be our last year for Andrew is Cub Scouts and Jeremy's first year in Cub Scouts. Stan wants to bring in a ton of money with that cake. I hope this isn't going to be hard to make. His sister, Emily, has a book with the instructions in it. I also hope he remembers to plan way in advance so I'm not trying to make it at the last minute.

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