Saturday, February 16, 2008

Johnny Dep

My daughter is obsessed with Johnny Dep. Last night, her cousins, Aashlie and Jessica spent the night. We went to the video store and picked up movies. She wanted all Johnny Dep movies. She went on and on and on about him. She especially loves Johnny Dep movies directed my Tim Burton. We watched The Corpse Bride and Benny and June last night before I went to bed at midnight. They were watching Music and Lyrics when went to bed. I think that was the only non Johnny Dep movie they watched. They watched a few more today. I can't even tell you which ones they watched. Rachael thinks he is the HOTTEST thing ever. I will admit that he is cute, but he has also been in some very strange movies. The ones directed my Tim Burton are even stranger than his normal movies. The Corpse Bride was a very strange movie. She wanted to see Edward Sisscorhand, but I really didn't want to see that one. I really didn't like that movie when I saw it the first time, in the 80's. She will have to watch that one another time.

Rachael's taste in movies is so different from my own. Her favorite movie is Nightmare Before Christmas. It took me a few times of watching it to start to like that. I really didn't like it the first time I saw it. She loves it. She wanted that movie for Christmas but it isn't out on DVD anymore so she is going to have to wait until it gets released again. I'm sure we will buy it the first day it comes out again. I don't even know when that will be.

Last night, before the movies started, we all went out to dinner. Last night was suppose to be a girls only night. The boys were suppose to be camping. The campout got canceled because of severe weather. They were going to Pedernales State park. There is a river going through the park. It is notorios for flash flooding within a few minutes of the start of a storm. We had Girl's camp there when I was a youth. It rained all night and the river rose close to 30 feet overnight. We were by an area that was very slow and shallow. By morning, it was raging white water and had come most of the way up the hill, almost to where we were camping. Anyway, back to dinner last night. I took 4 teenage girls to a mexican restaurant. We had a lot of fun. They were giggling and laughing and goofing off just like teenagers do. Amira went with us to dinner, but she wasn't allowed to stay the night. I felt bad that she couldn't stay the night. I always have so much fun when I am out with the "girls". I feel so young again. I'm glad the girls like to be out with me and they don't feel embarrassed by me.

Today, Rachael and Aashlie went to the Savior of the World auditions. Neither one of them wanted big parts. Rachael is OK with singing, even a solo, but she doesn't want to have to memorize lines. Aashlie just wants to be on stage. She refused to sing in her audition. They told Rachael they wished she wanted a bigger part because her audition was really good. Call backs are next week by invitation only. I hope she gets a call back. She would probably want more of a roll if there was dancing involved. She would want the lead if it was a dancing roll. Isaiah was going to audition also. He was going to have to arrange a special time because he had a conflict. he loves acting, so I think he will get a good part. He was in a local presentation of High School Musical. Andy was bribed to audition. His mom told him he couldn't go to San Antonio unless he auditioned. I don't think he wants a part at all. There were a few people there that really wanted big parts in this show. It is going to be amazing and I am really lucky to be a part of this.

Jeremy lost his second tooth today. He lost his first one the other day. He had a tooth with a crown that had a disolved root. He is scheduled to have it removed and a spacer put in. We don't have to have the extraction now. He will still have to have the spacer though since it is a molar. Today, he lost one of this bottom teeth. He has another one that is loose. He is so excited about having lost a tooth. Several other kids in his primary class have lost teeth. He is the oldest one in the class but he only lost his first one this week. He is also one of the smallest ones in his class even though he is the oldest. I'll post a picture of his toothless grin in the next few days.


Becky said...

I remember in Kindergarten..we used to have these posters that said who lost teeth..and stuff. lol. I was so excited to loose my first tooth..I was one of the last kids to though.

haha..Johnny Depp? I don't really like him that much. I mean, he's old enough to be my dad..that's pretty much a turn off for his hottness. Mexican food is yummy..I really wanted some today..I guess it'll be even better when I finally get a chance to get some. [which is soon..hopefully]

I'm glad you had fun. =]]

Noelani said...

Interesting to know.