Sunday, April 20, 2008

Still Alive

I wanted to make a quick post to say I am still alive. It has been over a week since I posted. My original goal was to blog here twice a week. I have kind of bit off more than I can chew. Rachael's dance team, Visions in Rhythm (VIR), is having their year end show on May 3rd. In the lobby, they post a bio board that has bios for all of the dancers. I am doing those bios. I am making digital scrapbooking layouts and then I am going to post them on a science fair board. Rachael is going to paint the board so it isn't just plain white. I am going to make the layouts into a book for Tasha, the director of VIR. I want to have it professionally printing and hard bound so it will last longer. In order to have time to get it printed, I need to have them submitted to the company by Monday. The problem is that I don't have all of the of the bios from the dancers. I have 6 out of 14 bios. My best friend is going to try to get all of the bios from the girls at practice today. We won't be there. Rachael is excused from practice today as she told Tasha in the beginning that she could not do Sunday practices.

I really hope Cyndi is able to get those bios from the last 6. I really want to do this for Tasha. She has really helped Rachael this year. She has always loved dance. There was a time that she wanted to dance every day of the week. After a while of being treated like a second class citizen at Jackie's, she lost that desire to dance so much. She still loved it, but I could tell she needed a break. Now, she is back to having that love for dance like she used to. It helped that she had one year in which she only had dance one day a week. She kind of had a break from things. She was able to rejuvenate. Now, she is ready to dance almost every day again. She takes about 11 hours of dance classes per week. She is so excited about this year end show.

Here is one of the layouts I will be displaying on the bio board. I didn't want to display one of the bios as some of the parents may not want their kids pictures on the internet. You can't really see faces in these pictures. They were taken during dance class. The name of their show is "M brought to you by the letter T". I put an "M" and a "T" in every layout. That is why there is a random "M" and "T" in this layout. I don't have any credits for this layout. I didn't keep track of the products I used since I wasn't going to upload them to a gallery.


Corrine said...

I love the layout, hopefully you will get all the bios so you can do the book for the teacher.

PS. I tagged you!

Becky said...

I'm sure Rachael will do amazingly at her end of the year show. lol. I also hope you get the rest of the bios. I started my old blog back up again. i missed it. check it out if you have time.