Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This may truly be ramblings too. I could not sleep last night and so I have only had about 4 hours of sleep today. Please forgive me if I ramble.

Rachael's dance show went really well. The bio-boards got all done in time for the show and they were a big hit. Tasha loved her book and several other mom's want the info on ordering one for themselves. Rachael danced so well. My dad is here from Idaho and got to see her dance. He always seems to enjoy watching her dance. Aashlie and Jessica got to come. They don't always get to come to her shows. Aashlie was going to figure out a way to go even if she had to pay for herself. Amira and Andy also went. On the way home, Andrew and Jeremy rode with grandpa. In the van, I had Rachael, Amira, Aashlie, Jessica and Andy. WOW, it was loud in the car. Andy and Amira constantly pick on each other.

On Sunday, I made chicken Parmesan with pasta and marinara. Margie and the kids came over for dinner. I figured if I had several dinners for everyone at my house, then my dad wouldn't feel like he was having to chose between the 2 places. Bryon didn't tell me he had to work on Sunday. When I told him Dad was coming, he told me he was off on Sunday and Monday. His schedule got changed around but he didn't let me know it did. That is pretty typical of my brother.

Last night, we all went to the Salt Lick for dinner. It had been years since I had been there. I forgot how good it is. The last few times my dad was here, we went to Rudy's. They are both some of the best BBQ I have every had, but they are just a little different. Rudy's is spicy and Salt Lick is sweet. I do like the sides at Rudy's better though. I love their cream corn. I was so full after dinner last night. I don't know how my brother walked out of there. He ate about 10 times what I did. I do have to be a little careful when eating BBQ though. My body doesn't always like it since I don't have a gallbladder.

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