Monday, May 19, 2008

The start of another crazy week

This week is going to be nuts. Tonight, Rachael had dance class and then my brother and his family came over to celebrate Brandon's birthday. He turned 6 on Saturday. They were only here for a short time, but that is OK. I am so tired just from all of the stuff I have been trying to get done today. I did a ton of laundry, got some of the kitchen cleaned, got my disability application complete and ran a bunch of errands. We had to go pick up some supplies for the cross over tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night, we have a cub scout cross over. Andrew will become a Webelos 2. Jeremy gets to cross into Tiger cubs. He is so excited. He has wanted to be a Cub Scout since he turned 6 on January. During the day tomorrow, Andrew has a dentist appointment and I have to go get Rachael some black tights for her dance show on Thursday and Friday.

On Wednesday, Rachael has to be at dress rehearsal from 5:30 to 9pm. She will miss YW, but that is unavoidable. Andrew is going to have to miss church scouts (it is confusing, don't ask LOL) because Stan has to be at the Stake center for his stewardship interview with the Stake President. During the day on Wednesday, I have weight watchers in the morning, then a GYN appointment in the afternoon. I am hoping to have a good WW meeting. Last week, I had gained 3.4 pounds, which was not surprising considering all the junk I ate and the multiple BBQ trips we made while my dad was here.

Thursday and Friday we have Rachael's end of year demo. Stan and the boys will go on Thursday, but not Friday. On Friday, they have a Father/Son campout for church. The boys look forward to this every year. We thought it was going to be next weekend. The Elder's Quorum is in charge of breakfast on Saturday. Rachael is not worried about them missing the demo on Friday since they saw some of these dances at her VIR show a few weeks ago.

Since they will be at the camp-out on Saturday, I get to go down to San Antonio with Rachael on Saturday. I figure since we are going to go down anyway, I'll fill the van with as many of the VIR girls as I can. I am most worried about the trip home. I will have lots of them in the car to keep me awake though, so I don't have to worry about falling asleep on the way home. I know I am going to be dead tired though.

With the crazy schedule of the week, I decided we were not going to do school work on Friday. Instead, I am going to take the kids to see Prince Caspian at the theater. We took the boys to see Ironman on Saturday. They asked if we were going to see Prince Caspian that day. Rachael would have been so mad if we had seen that without her, especially since she is the only one that has read all of the books. My MIL might go with us if she feels up to it. She gets stronger and stronger all the time.

So, there was my boring post summarizing my not so boring week.

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Becky said...

wow..i'm excited for camp..are you?

well..i hope your schedule has slowed down a bit, although I love to be busy. I'm just glad that it's Summer! lol.