Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wish me luck

I am taking Rachael to the Jonas Brother's concert tonight. I am sure I am going to be surrounded by squealing girls. I'm glad I don't mind their music at all. Rachael listens to them all the time. They are pretty good and not at all like "boy bands". I overall think they are pretty talented.

I am really struggling with my diet and the idea that I need to be eating more. Last week, I went to my weigh in and I had gained 0.2 pounds. I was really disappointed. I really felt like I had lost a little bit. I would have understood if I had stayed the same, but to have gained even a little was just yuck. As of today, I only have 1.5 flex points left and then my 17 activity points. I won't eat all of the activity points, but will probably dip into them just a little bit. I wish the online tracker would deduct my activity points before my flex points. I have never eating all of my flex points in a single week while still being on program. I have been perfectly on program for 2 weeks now. I got on the scale at the gym this morning and it looks like my weight is exactly the same. The trainer said I should lose 1-2 pounds a week if I started eating more and working out regularly. I have worked out every day but Sundays for 2 weeks and I have been eating more, but still eating healthy.

The school year is about to start again. I should have started with the kids school work last month, but I just haven't felt like doing it. I gave them the entire summer off this year where as they usually only get June off. We have spent a lot of time in the pool. Rachael starts dance classes again on Monday, the 17th. Then she is going to start classes at ACC on the 24th. She is going to take US history and Spanish. We will work on math and science here at home. I'm a little nervous about how she will do with college classes, but I'm sure she will do fine.

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Beth said...

Rachael will do fine with ACC classes. As long as she studies for the tests, does all the assigned work, and takes good notes in class she'll pass. She's smart, and very observant. I'm sure she'll pass with no problems. :)