Sunday, March 13, 2011

My next set of bags

I just uploaded a few more bags to my Etsy store.  In addition to bags, I now have a few water bottle holders.  I love these water bottle holders.  It makes it so convenient to always have water with me.  They are especially nice when you are hiking or taking long walks.  I also plan on using mine when we go to Six Flags this summer and during girls camp.  Here are a few pictures of what I put in the store this weekend.  You can find the links to my store on the side bar.

In addition to making bags and water bottle holders, I have been busy with lots of other sewing projects.  I never thought I would do this much sewing in my life.  To think, I used to hate to sew.  It just goes to show you that you have to find the right thing.  I still wouldn't make a dress, but I've made Jeremy some shorts with matching do-rags.  For some reason, he is obsessed with these do-rags lately.  He has 3 pairs of shorts that have a matching do-rag.  I also made another quilt that has a roller derby theme.  I used the same fabrics I did for my nieces quilt, but used a different pattern so they are both unique.  Then lastly, I've made LOTS of curtains for Jeremy's occupational therapist.  I made 4 sets of curtains for her windows and I'm about to start on a large set of curtains that are going to be used as a partition in her small cabin that she shares with her daughter.  It will basically serve as a wall to give her daughter some privacy.

I've also been  having some fun playing around with Emily's sewing machine.  She let me borrow the embroidery/sewing machine she inherited when my mother-in-law (her mother) passed away.  It is so nice.  The entire thing is computerized.  It sews, has lots of decorative stitches, self threads plus does lots of different embroidery designs.  It has a bunch pre-loaded, but then you can hook it directly up to your computer and load lots of other patterns into it.  There are so many free patterns all over the web.  I've downloaded a bunch but haven't moved them over to the machine yet.  I haven't even had a chance to embroider with it yet.  I have to finish up these partition curtains this week, then I will have time to play with the embroidery machine.

This may be old news as I can't remember  if I posted this the last time, but I had to switch my MS medication.  I was on weekly shots of Avonex, but I have had 3 flares in the past 7 months so it doesn't appear to be working any more.  Now I am on Copaxone.  There are some pros and cons to this.  It doesn't have the really bad side effects that the Avonex does, but the shots are every day.  The only side effects I've found with these shots is that I get this intense stinging and redness at the injections  site starting 2 minutes after the injection.  I've been told it gets better and I hope it does.  I have to hold an ice pack on the site for about 30 minutes after the injection.  I really hope this works and I don't have any more flares.

This week starts spring break.  I'm planning on having a lot of fun with the kids this week.  We are going to the zoo in San Antonio on Tuesday.  The other days, we are just doing lots of fun things around town.  We are also going to be cleaning the house this week.  Jeremy is finally going to get to have his birthday party on Saturday.  His birthday was 2 1/2 months ago, but since he wanted to have a Nerf war in the back yard, I didn't think January would be a good month to have that kind of party.  A lot of the people we invited can't come because of spring break, but enough people are going to be there that it should be fun.  I feel sorry for any girls that show up though.  This is totally a boy party.

I hope everyone has a great week.  Please send prayers my way giving me enough energy to keep up with my kids this week.

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