Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blown out of proportion

I comment that I made on my blog a week ago has been completely blown out of proportion. I never intended to attach anyone or offend anyone or be mean. What I meant when I talked about the problem being made worse with the girls at church is that Rachael has expressed concerns that she is very emotional right now and worries that things she may say or do are going to be taken personally and not in the context that she is trying to deal with her grandmother dying. In the past, things have been taken personally when they weren't meant that way and feelings were hurt that shouldn't have been. She started feeling like she always said the wrong thing and she is worried about that again. I wanted to express my hope that there would be more understanding than there was in the past since some of them have recently experienced what Rachael is going through. That I am aware of, there has been very little problems expressed between the girls involved. Rachael and I just FEAR that things will be misunderstood and that is making the issue worse from our point of view. In talking with the YW president, she said things seem to be going good with the girls. I was thrilled to hear that. I really want the drama to be over. Rachael is really trying to be kind. She did not talk with the girls about their father's death because she remembered that she didn't want to talk about her grandpa's death right after if happened. She didn't give them a hug or try to "distract" them because she didn't want to appear to be a fake since they have been fighting. She thought the nicest thing she could do was to just leave them alone so they could deal with their grief without being reminded of the problems. She was torn for days though, wondering what was the best thing to do. They seem to be trying to include her. They keep asking if she will play basketball, but she can't because she has a dance class on Saturday morning when the games occur. She was asked to play at mutual on Wednesday, but she had to rehearse her song for New Beginnings. I am pleased to hear this.

When I typed up the entry in question, it was only to express my concerns over my daughter and not to attack anyone or be mean. The purpose of this blog is to keep my family updated on how things are going. This blog isn't for attacking anyone or spreading rumors or anything else. If you come in contact with me in any way, then you might be mentioned on my blog. It just depends upon what is going through my head when I sit down to type. Iwas trying to be vague about the problems. Most people I talk to only know about the problem at church as a "personality conflict". It isn't something Rachael or I talk with many people about.

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