Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sick Sunday

That is what today is. Actually, that would describe the entire weekend. Rachael got sick on Friday with cough, congestion and fever. Jeremy woke up in the middle of the night Friday night with a fever. He was so upset because yesterday was the Pinewood Derby for Cub Scouts. He has to miss the entire things. He has been looking forward to this for several years now. Each year that Andrew did the Pinewood Derby, Jeremy would tell me how long it was before he could race his own car. Now, the first year he can race and he is sick. Stan took his car and they raced it anyways. He got second place. Andrew took my old camera and took lots of pictures and video taped Jeremy's races for him. That made him much happier. He was surprised and excited about the trophy.

Everyone is doing better today. Rachael's fever is gone. She just has the cough and congestion left. She is going to go to New Beginnings tonight even though she didn't go to church today. She is suppose to sing a solo tonight at New Beginnings. Hopefully she is able to sing ok with the cough and congestion. Jeremy woke up with a fever this morning, but it is gone now, without any treatment. Hopefully it will stay away and not come back tonight. We will be staying away from grandma for a few days until we know for sure no one is contagious. Now, I just hope Stan and I can avoid getting sick. Stan can't afford to miss work and having a fever will mess with my MS.


Charly said...

I hope everyone gets better ASAP!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you guys have been sick. I've been having allergy problems lately. I went to the dr. last week & got some Flonase & OTC eye drops. I'm feeling better now, but still have moments of flareups. I didn't go to church yesterday b/c of it & Richard just took the girls for Primary b/c he didn't want to deal w/ them for Sacrament! With all the crazy weather we've been having, it's no wonder everyone is getting sick!


Corrine said...

sorry y'all have been sick. hope you stay well.

Jenn Embry said...

I hope y'all get to feeling better soon. We've had RSV and Croup going around like crazy up here.