Friday, July 17, 2009

My first photo shoot

I had the chance to do my first photo shoot this week. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. This is the Peterson family. I have known them for almost a year. The mother is the Young Women's president in our ward and my visiting teacher. She asked me a few weeks ago if I could do their family photos. I was flattered though. We went down to the capital and took some photos of their family. Here are the best of the bunch. In total, there was about 10 good shots.

It has been a bit of a struggle lately figuring out what to do every day to stay out of this heat and not just be a couch potato. It is just too hot to go outside for any length of time except for in the morning. Most days, we spend the afternoon at grandma's house in the pool. It is the best way to beat the heat. The pool is about 84-85 degrees. It is just cool enough for me to feel cooled off the rest of the day after spending time in the water. I also get a little bit of exercise in during our daily swims.

Today, we did something a little different. We decided to go bowling. The kids had a great time. Jeremy actually got the best score, although Rachael declared she was the winner since she didn't use the gutter guards and Jeremy did. I didn't actually bowl, I just watched. I tried bowling with the cub scouts a few months ago and only made it 3 frames before my back hurt so bad I could hardly move. I didn't need a repeat of that, especially since my back was bothering me yesterday. Jeremy really loves bowling though. Andrew says he hates it, but seems to have fun while we are doing it. Andrew really wants to go mini golfing again, but I way not until it cools off a little more. Rachael would rather bowl over golfing. Jeremy likes it all. He is so easy to please.

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Corrine said...

congrats on your first photo shoot. love to be able to head to grandmas to swim every day enjoy the pool, so why didn't you bowl?