Tuesday, July 28, 2009

18 years together

Yesterday, Stan and I celebrated our 18th anniversary. He couldn't get off work since his office is shorthanded anyway, so we went out for lunch together on Saturday. We really want to go to a bed and breakfast in Fredricksberg or some place like that for a Friday/Saturday get away. We have to find someone to watch the kids though. Rachael has dance Saturday mornings, so we don't want to just leave her with the kids. We are hoping my friend Cyndi can watch them, but she can't commit to it yet.

Rachael went to ACC yesterday and took her assessment test. She did fairly well. For the reading and writing, college level was considered a score of 81 (it isn't percent, just a raw score and I'm not sure what it means). She got a 94. For the math, college level is a 39 and she got a 36. I wasn't surprised by this. She hates math and struggles with it like I did. She will have to take elementry algebra before she can take college algebra is all this means. She is planning on majoring in dance, so it isn't like she will need have lots of math credits for her major. She just has to worry about her core classes that will require math. We are going into the advisors office today to find out what she should take first, then we will get her registered. The only thing we are going to have to pay for is her books, which will be enough, but better than having to pay for the classes also. Hopefully she can get financial aid for when she has to start paying for classes once she has graduated. She will probably spend one year at ACC then transfer to Texas State University and get on their dance team.

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