Monday, March 10, 2008

All is Well

The boys got home Ok on Saturday. They were tired, but fine. Jeremy told me it was super cold. I had to rent a car dolly from U-haul Saturday morning. Michael met me there and then drove out and picked everyone up. They drove straight to the car place and dropped the car off. It was closed but Stan left it in the parking lot and he will be there tomorrow (this) morning as soon as they open.

Poor Stan had to work a 12 hour night shift Saturday night. He showered up and took a nap as soon as he got home. He doesn't usually work nights, but the night person for the end of the week quit and so Stan has been picking up extra shifts to cover. The ironic part is that the person that quit asked Stan if he would trade shifts with him. This guy was having trouble adjusting to the night shift. Stan said he would. The other night person that works the beginning of the week was making a fuss because he wanted to go to days first, but Stan couldn't work the beginning of the week. We had too many things that conflicted. Stan's boss basically wouldn't let Stan go to nights because he wanted him to stay on the accounts he is on. There has been no complaints from the account since Stan took it over and there used to be constant complaints. So, the told this guy that he couldn't move to days so he quit. Stan is going to be working at least one night shift every week, on top of most of his normal day shifts. It will be a good amount of over time. I just hope he doesn't burn himself out.

It is spring break this week. Spring break really means very little to a homeschooling family. What it usually means is that my kids friends are home and are a distraction while we try to get school work done. It means Rachael doesn't have seminary. She is happy about that since she has early morning seminary. It also means she doesn't have dance. She hates it when they have time off from dance. She loves dance class. Since there is no school this week and no dance, Rachael's friend, Megan, is going to go to YW with her on Wednesday. She will then spend the night that night. My nieces are going to come over too. Amira is going to try to come and then we are going to invite Julie also. Julie just moved into our ward in January. Rachael and Julie hit it off really well. They knew each other from girl's camp. Julie and Megan also get along really well. Megan goes to most of the stake dances with Rachael and has met Julie through them.

Here is a picture I took at our after choir choir practice. I am suppose to take some pictures during practice, but I forget. I got glares from Rachael and Aashlie for this one. Jessica thought she was in the clear since she isn't officially part of choir practices. She wasn't though. (Insert evil laugh here)

Speaking of Jessica. She called tonight to give us some good news. She got accepted to the Ann Richard's school for girls. It is an all girls charter school here in Austin. She had to get letters from all of her teachers and write an essay about why she wanted to go to that school. I am so proud of her. WTG JESSICA!!!!!

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