Monday, March 3, 2008

I feel alive again

I have finally recovered from this stomach bug. I was really hungry yesterday and it felt good to eat again. I have more energy that I have had in 2 weeks. I wear out very easily though, so I need to make sure I don't over do it.

This weekend was pretty full. Stan went up to see his mom Saturday morning, then went to his brothers to pick up a TV. Ben and Wendy got a new flat screen TV for their livingroom. They own a huge big screen (60 inch) that they were going to move to their bedroom. They couldn't fit it down the hall. Ben had won it in a drawing at Dell, so he gave it to us for our newly refinished family room. It is so cool. We watched National Treasure out there last night. We had all of the lights off. Jeremy loves watching movies like that.

That afternoon, the boys had a birthday party at Cabella's. They had so much fun. They did a scavenger hunt. Jeremy loves doing scavenger hunts. He makes them up all the time. They got to shoot in the gallery and feed the trout. The boys could spend all day at Cabella's. I sent Stan with the camera and he got some pretty good pictures.

I was feeling pretty worn out, so I didn't go to the party. Rachael and I stayed home. I had planned on getting my hair cut, but there was a really long wait at Super Cuts. We went to Ulta to look for a make up case for Rachael. We found a great deal on one and then proceded to spend way to much money on make-up there. I am never knew they had a hair saloon in there and Stan has given me permission to go get my hair cut there. I have never gone anywhere except Super Cuts before. I never minded before when I would just get my hair trimmed, but now that I have them layer it, I'm not fond of the job they do. I can always see all of the cuts. My hair is really fine. I'm going to go to Ulta today or tomorrow for a cut. I'm excited to actually get it styled.
I hope everyone has a great week.

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