Friday, March 7, 2008

Our Weekend

We always seem to have a lot going on for the weekend. This one is no different. Stan actually took the day off today. There is a Cub Scout camp out this weekend. I don't do well with camping since my back pain started. Stan is taking the boys with him. Right now, he is doing some work stuff from home before he packs up the car and heads out to Perdenales State Park.

Rachael is volunteering to help out at a dance show tonight. Tapestry professional dance company has a show tonight. The VIR girls run concessions and help usher the shows. It is a fundraiser for VIR, plus then the girls get to see the show for free. This is the only way she would see the show as they tickets are $25. I know that isn't a lot, but it is more than we can spend on going to a show. I drop her off at 6:30 and pick her up and 10:30.

I am going to be home all by myself for several hours this evening. The last time I was home by myself it was because I was sick and my family was at church. It is going to be so nice. I am going to enjoy the quiet. I will probably scrap or design and maybe watch a movie. I just sent my Netflix off, so I don't have a movie here. I'm sure I can find something.

Savior of the World practices are going really well. At Stake conference, Sis Toler, our stake YW president, spoke on how much Satan is trying to make sure this play doesn't happen. I immediately felt the spirit witness to me that what she said was true. I have seen it in my own ward. Each of the wards were assigne parts when the song had 8 parts. Our ward was assigned 1st Alto and 2nd Soprano. The alto part actually goes higher than the soprano part in a few places. The alto's are constantly complaining about it. I have tried and tried to make it managable. I even stay after practice so they can learn the 2nd Alto part. Rachael stays and learns the 1st Soprano part since she has a pretty high range. While I was listening to Sis Toler speak, I realized that every time the girls complain, they are letting Satan put his foot in the door. This is such an amazing experience for the youth. Their testimonies are going to grow so much from this. I spoke with the girls on Wednesday about the prompting I had recieved. I told them each time they complained, it was Satan trying to stop them from learning and growing from this experience. Practice went really well on Wednesday. Now, it was only the girls. I still need to give the "speach" to the boys next week. I hope as they are practicing, they will just do their best. I know that if they really focus and let the spirit be with them, they can sing things they didn't think they were capable of singing. I hope they have the faith to test this. I feel so fortunate that I get to be a part of this play. It is going to be amazing.

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Beth said...

sis hodge
i don't think you understand that if rachael is learning the first soprano part its hard for the rest of us to stay and learn the other part because she's with the pianist.

we don't complain because we want satan there, we are telling you we don't feel that we have the right resources to learn the part we've been given.

i hope you can come to understand what i'm saying because i truly am not making excuses, i'm telling you what is actually going on.