Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A cure-yeah right

Have you ever noticed that when someone hears you have a chronic illness, they have the cure? Never mind that I have seen many doctors and everyone knows that MS is not curable at this point. Here is what happened today:

I had to go to the pain specialist today. I ask him about lots of other things besides just pain. He has gone back to school and did some extra training in acupuncture, nutrition and alternative medicine. I asked him about this sinus infection I am working on. He recommended some herbal drops to mix with saline and use for irrigation. After my appointment, I headed to Sun Harvest to pick these up. I was asking one of the clerks about where to find what I needed and also if there was a lotion that could be used for sore muscles (for Rachael after dance). They mentioned she should take some Magnesium after class to help with the soreness. I mentioned that I had some as I take it for my MS. One of the clerks asked me if I was open minded. I told him "fairly". He said that he knew something that was "guaranteed to cure MS". He said he had a friend that had been in a wheelchair from MS and died from pneumonia last year. He showed me this bottle of stuff that contained elderberry extract and several other herbs that I can't remember. He told me that I would need to take 3 times as much as what was recommended on the bottle though. He also recommended I eat at this little shop half way between here and
Bastrop as their food would help me a lot. Apparently it is expensive, but they give out free meals on Sunday. I told him I would check into the supplement and ask my doctors about it, but that I would not be eating at that place on Sunday as the Sabbath day is very important to me and my family. He proceeded to bash my doctors. Even when I told him that he uses a balance of traditional medicine and holistic medicine, he said "he probably took a 3 day class". Next, he told me that my health should come before my religion. At this point, he had irritated me. Some clerk in Sun Harvest should hardly be my go to person for all of my health concerns. If this guy had a cure for MS, then why did his friend live in a wheelchair up until he died. Why are millions of people taking injections to decrease their MS flares when they can go to Sun Harvest and buy a cure for less than $20.00. I believe that nutrition is extremely important and I know I will feel so much better if I would eat better. I also believe that all of the answer lie with a combination of traditional Western medicine and holistic/nutritional/herbal medicines. I am not going to hold my breath that a cure will come out of Sun Harvest though.

On a lighter note, I got my hair done last week. It was the first time I went somewhere besides Super Cuts to get my hair cut. I love the way it turned out. I told the stylist that previously, if I didn't curl my hair, you could see every one of the cuts and it looked horrible. I liked it when it was curled, but not when it was straight. She cut it a little differently so it looked more natural. Here is me with my haircut. The picture isn't the best. Rachael still needs to work on her photography. She gets better and better. I am usually the one behind the camera and not in front of it. I hate getting my picture taken.

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